May 10, 2014
Merrimack, NH
Yoga for Peace in Action
We invite you to learn more about YogaCaps, Inc., the nonprofit organization who will put your donations from this conference into action, thereby adding to the peaceful outcomes generated by the caring and diverse Yoga for Peace community.

Thriving with Yoga shares free yoga and meditation classes for people with the experience of cancer.  This diagnosis dramatically changes life physically, emotionally and financially and these classes provide important support on the journey back to wellness. 

The program offers FREE weekly yoga classes at five southern NH hospital locations. Family members/caregivers are also welcome so that  students don't have to worry about driving if they are experiencing pain/fatigue and so that all may reap the many benefits of yoga. 

Your funds will help bring wellness and inner peace to people who experience many (and sometimes multiple) types and stages of cancer.

Thriving with Yoga also shares free classes with hospitalized veterans, people with differing physical abilities, consumers of a major mental health center. We are also committed to senior health with regular programs to serve our elders.

Thriving with Yoga also offers a truly life-changing Karma Yoga experience! The Yoga Volunteer Corps (YVC) makes yoga more available and affordable.  If you would like more information about YVC or additional services offer by YogaCaps, please email info(at)yogacaps(dot)org.  You can also visit the YogaCaps table at the event.

“I am worth this.”

~ Thriving with Yoga participant

Yoga has definitely changed my life.
I love the change...
It helped me a great deal with
lowering my blood pressure and
it also has helped greatly on those target areas
that had been affected during the various surgeries
for both the breast cancer and the melanoma.    

I came to class in a lot of pain in my lower back and right leg. I was able to release that pain through concentration and comfortable form.

When I do yoga I don't hear distressing voices.

     When I began yoga classes with [YogaCaps] at the Community Council Center Nashua, December of 2011 marked another positive turning point. I have been able to incorporate yoga into my daily living. 

       Panic attacks and anxiety is how I coped with life's day to day challenges. Happily, I can say I do not have panic attacks anymore!

      Insomnia has also been very problematic. Typically I use to sleep 3 or 4 hours at night if I was lucky. Since yoga has been part of my life I average 6-8 hours of sleep each night. This too is a significant change!       

      Down the road, I could actually envision myself teaching yoga.

I find myself meditating
and feeling my body healing my cancer.

Now I can sleep without (shoulder) pain
for the first time in a year.

I feel that our yoga classes
have helped me with my arthritis,
especially my right hand.
Last year I had to wear a glove on the hand
especially when sleeping
or doing things like knitting.
Now I don’t have to wear it.
Empower people be proactive toward their own health, wellness and inner peace. Raise awareness about yoga, and places in the community to enjoy yoga. “Me” aspect.

Build community

....through this family-friendly, donation-based day, and offer the yoga community a fun-filled seva opportunity. “We” aspect.

Pay our peace forward
raise awareness and funds for (a) free yoga and meditation classes for those with chronic physical and mental health conditions, (b) helping prepare yoga teachers in training to make a peace-filled world of difference in their lives and classes, and (c) peace and social justice scholarships for students at the high school and college levels. “Thee” aspect.

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