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             Thriving With Yoga: for people living with cancer

"I just love all [yoga] poses as they make me feel so whole and that it is just for me, even though I'm sharing the ositive energy of everyone here. Good feeling. Good Growth".

"Yoga has definitely changed my life and I love the change. As you know, it helped me a great deal with lowering my blood pressure and it also has helped greatly on those target areas that had been affected during the various surgeries for both the breast cancer and the melanoma. The upper body muscles are benefiting from those upper body yoga moves and positions. I thank you for taking into consideration those special target areas when putting together the yoga programs. Your attention to our special needs is greatly valued and your continuous updates in making sure we are still OK with them are greatly appreciated. I have been thanking my special angels... I would be remiss if I did not thank you who are my very special angel. Thank you ... for your kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion. Thank you for creating Yoga Caps and especially thank you for starting this yoga program for cancer survivors. You are truly special... a true angel."

"At the beginning [of] 2008, I was told I had a level three breast cancer. During the first six months of chemo and radiation treatment, my spirit and body strength was at the lowest point in my life. When I found out of a special yoga class for cancer patients, I was very surprised and impressed a program was available for us. With no past experience to yoga, I started attending the weekly class. My instructor made [me] feel comfortable and [I] was happy to meet other women that survived breast cancer too. Every week of doing yoga, I noticed to be more relax and at peace with myself. My body seem to be more flexible and stronger. My spirits seem to be lifted up to new level of being happier and more energetic. This yoga class has given me a new second life and hope this program will continue to help other cancer patients."

There is a growing body of research about the benefits of yoga and meditation practices for those living with cancer. Yoga has the potential to:
                         ∑   restore range of motion
                         ∑   rebuild strength and stamina
                         ∑  relieve tension, fatigue and anxiety
                         ∑   bring a sense of calm
                         ∑   strengthen our sense of well-being
∑   enhance sleep
                         ∑   control pain and discomfort
                         ∑   help witness emotion with self-compassion
The "Thriving with Yoga" project was born in December 2007, when, each week we would transform the Corporate Office of A Market Natural Foods in Manchester, NH into a yoga studio. From conference room to conveyance room as we travelled to that place of inner stillness, enjoying the tranformational gifts of yoga. Our practice includes gentle Hatha postures with appropriate adjustments, Pranayam (powerful breathing exercises that circulate life force), Concentration/meditation exercises and Yoga Nidra (special relaxation techniques).

As each 8-week series ends since then, we continue to hold special gratitude for this honor of getting to know the wonderful women in the class. They have inspired us simply through being who they are and sharing what they have learned on their journey. You can read about some of their experiences in India New England.

Here are some additional reflections from the members about the powerfully healing aspects of yoking mind and body to allow spirit to ascend through the practice of yoga and meditation:

- I know Iíve increased flexibility and begun relieving tight, stressed spots (muscles).

- I really was able to be very involved with my poses. I came to class in a lot of pain in my lower back and right leg. I was able to release that pain through concentration and comfortable form. I feel more comfortable and familiar with breathing easy and more familiar with several poses and positioning.

- Gratification, serenity, uplifting.  I am so glad that I have taken your class!

- Wonderful! Wonderful! You are a great teacher. Your peace has brought me peace. You are showing me that I matter to myself in ways I did not realize. Iím relaxing that my inner being is there and I am getting in touch with it in serenity.

- I felt very connected to everyone in the class. I am now learning how to Ďlet goí. This class was a beautiful experience for me. I feel I have learned that anything we need to enhance our physical, spiritual, emotional self is all within ourselves. I am practicing this and reminding myself.

- I think it was just what we all needed. We learned many yoga poses, found a sense of calmness and fulfillment, became flexible again and released tension - and now we have these tools. It was designed perfectly for breast cancer patients who have just finished treatment because it was not too strenuous for them.

- Iíve begun to do some short series of poses at home and itís very helpful to my flexibility and mental attitude - Iím liking it!

- I feel more relaxed than ever before.

-The pigeon pose made me feel a lot like my life. I personally feel I was working through difficulty and finding my own comfort and strength.

- Has greatly helped with my fatigue and tension.

- I love the beautiful people in this group.

- My 4 year old grand daughter enjoys doing yoga with me!

- [Yoga] definitely has taught me to find stillness.

- I feel lighter in spirit.

- Iím worth this