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When I began yoga classes with [YogaCaps] at the Community Council Center Nashua, December of 2011 marked another positive turning point. I have been able to incorporate yoga into my daily living.  Panic attacks and anxiety is how I coped with life's day to day challenges. Happily, I can say I do not have panic attacks anymore! I am able to cope and manage all aspects of my life with inner peace and happiness in all circumstances.  Insomnia has also been very problematic. Typically I use to sleep 3 or 4 hours at night if I was lucky. Since yoga has been part of my life I average 6-8 hours of sleep each night. This too is a significant change!  These are just a few of the benefits I have experienced since I began practicing yoga that come to mind. Down the road, I could actually envision myself teaching yoga.   ~ Nancy Mellor

Yoga has definitely changed my life and I love the change. As you know, it helped me a great deal with lowering my blood pressure and it also has helped greatly on those target areas that had been affected during the various surgeries for both the breast cancer and the melanoma. The upper body muscles are benefiting from those upper body yoga moves and positions. I thank you for taking into consideration those special target areas when putting together the yoga programs. Your attention to our special needs is greatly valued and your continuous updates in making sure we are still OK with them are greatly appreciated. I have been thanking my special angels... I would be remiss if I did not thank you who are my very special angel. Thank you ... for your kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion. Thank you for creating Yoga Caps and especially thank you for starting this yoga program for cancer survivors. You are truly special... a true angel.  Namaste, Georgette, New Hampshire

My Jal Neti experience has been one of the best things that's happened to me. I really feel that you both have transformed my life! I feel so much better since I've been practicing -- and I have done it faithfully every morning since I saw you. I haven't yet had one of my migraines, though I've been in situations that have traditionally caused me to get a migraine. So thank you so much -- it was a fantastic workshop.   ~ LL, Massachusetts   

"I'm part of the "displaced Workers" group; I am very grateful that there is no charge to add this event to my spiritual journey."
~ MS, New Hampshire

I came to Yoga class and I had no idea that my muscles were so tight. When we started stretching, I realized how very tight they were. Stretching really helped me to loosen them up. Once I tuned in to how I was feeling, I was able to relax more, to stretch out, and to feel much better. Thanks for helping me to listen to my body.  ~ JN, New Hampshire

"When my tumors come back and I have to go thru chemo, I find myself meditating and feeling my body healing my cancer, it is really hard to put into words but I can picture in my mind the cancer being destroyed and being dissolved by my body. I have Metastatic Breast Cancer and I have been thru chemo on two different occasions and radiation the first time in 1998. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer in 2002 and I am in remission today and feeling great! I really believe you can heal yourself with positive thoughts."                                       ~ Joanne, New Hampshire

"I want to express my gratitude... thank you for allowing us to share in the beauty, spirit and light [of yoga]. It brought me back to beautiful balance.Ē 
                                                                                             - comments from an event participant

"I hope to attend [yoga] again as I slept so good Monday night!!!! I didn't wake up until my alarm went off!! I haven't slept that well in a long time."                                                 ~ M.C., New Hampshire

"I LOVE my Neti Pot! It seems to have already relieved some of my chronically running nose, and perhaps with time will do even more. Thank you so much Terry. You and Jay were so kind & empathetic - you made it very easy to learn. All best, thanks again."  ~ PW, Zurich, Switzerland

"What a wonderful experience. At almost 63 years of age I have never done yoga. Thank you." ~ L.S., New Hampshire

"I feel that our yoga classes have helped me with my arthritis, especially my right hand. Last year I had to wear a glove on the hand especially when sleeping or doing things like knitting, etc. Now I donít have to wear it. I was also using Tylenol arthritis regularly, now only occasionally."    
            ~ Peggy Iannacone, New Hampshire

"Thank you again for the Subtle Yoga class, I can't explain how great I felt (and still feel) all day afterwards. I told my Sensei all about it and he is really excited and would love to meet with you as well. He sounded very impressed with what I showed him. In fact we used the yogic calf squats (please correct me if this is not what they're called) tonight after jumping rope to loosen up (worked great). I hope you don't mind that I forwarded your email about Kirtans and workshop to some friends and family I thought would enjoy it. I think a couple of people are going to want to try out the YSV class, are there other days that offer it? My fellow Ju Jutsu and Arnis student Ryan really wants to try the class out but he has to work on Wednesdays. Thank you again."       ~ MS, New Hampshire

What A Yoga Class with Terry and Jay has meant to me: At the beginning [of] 2008, I was told I had a level three breast cancer. During the first six months of chemo and radiation treatment, my spirit and body strength was at the lowest point in my life. When I found out of a special yoga class for cancer patients, I was very surprised and impressed a program was available for us. With no past experience to yoga, I started attending the weekly class. My instructor made feeling comfortable and was happy to meet other women that survived breast cancer too. Every week of doing yoga, I noticed to be more relax and at peace with myself. My body seem to be more flexible and stronger. My spirits seem to be lifted up to new level of being happier and more energetic. This yoga class has given me a new second life and hope this program will continue to help other cancer patient. ~ NV, New Hampshire

I started using the neti pot the same day I took the Jal neti workshop with Terry and Jay. I immediately felt a great relief and started to breath better. It feels so good to do the neti first thing in the morning to start the day fresh and energized. The neti pot has helped me to clear not only my sinuses but also my mind. I even can focus on my meditation better after using the neti pot. Using the neti pot has become an important part of my spiritual and physical/health practice. Thanks Terry & Jay for making me aware of the benefits of neti pot and teaching me how to use it. ~ AS, Massachusetts                                                                                                               

Having the opportunity to learn about Jal Neti or the Yoga of the Nose has been a great experience to my life and health. Thanks to Neti I am able to breathe better and I feel much comfortable with my breathing. Neti is a safe technique that everybody should apply in their daily lives. It is a natural cure and it really works. You can feel the health benefits right away. If you suffer from common allergies, bad breathing or headaches, then Neti is for you. I used to sneeze a lot during the summer season now I have improved so much, I donít sneeze if there is pollen around and my nostrils are so clear. It is a very good feeling. The major experience was the disappearance of some common headaches. Neti is also great for people who do meditation, it relaxes you and if you always meditate it helps to activate your third eye, breathing the right way is so important for a deep meditation. I am very thankful to my friends Terry and Jay Gupta, who introduced me this great technique! It is very easy to learn and it only takes five minutes of your time to feel GREAT for the rest of your day. I also enjoy doing Bhakti Yoga. Kirtan is also offered at Terry and Jayís home, delicious vegetarian Indian food is always served for us to enjoy. I personally feel into a different peaceful atmosphere when I do Bhakti Yoga. Singing powerful mantras and beautiful bhajans is another way to purify the atmosphere and to do a reciprocal service. I believe that we donít need to have a gift to sing, when we sing from the heart we can feel our spirits renewed and filled with love. Singing brings us in communion and empathy; it is a great meditation and service. We also do Satsang (spiritual conversations) that make us grow as spiritual beings. Iím so glad I found caring people like the Guptaís who do this great spiritual service.  Sincerely,  Karina Salas, California

"Thank you so much for your time on Sunday. I wish we had more time you are so knowledgeable.  Also, thank you for the info on the 22nd and 23rd-it just so happens I have my Garden party that day! That is such perfect timing with the new moon. (We put in a new garden-aka my baby-and now are welcoming it to the world).  Hopefully we will cross paths again!"
                                                                                                              ~ MT, Massachusetts

"Very organized and informative. You definitely know your stuff!  Time flew by!! Very enjoyable!                                                                                                                                                                           ~ Denise

"Clearly presented and explained. You made what could be considered overwhelming info, approachable and easy to ascertain".                                       

"Very well presented and enjoyable. Very educational. Thank you. Namaste. See you at the kirtan!" ~ Judy                                                                                                                                                          

"I'll share this [jal neti] information with my son who suffers Fall allergies. I work with a peer...who's husband is working as a carpenter - I'll share this info." ~ Sherry
"It opened up a whole new aspect of the yogic life..."                                    ~ Kellie

"Very informative and helpful."                                                                     ~ Barbara  

"Very useful in understanding Jal Neti. Raring to go try it out."                  ~ Prabhu

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