Sleep is a foundation of wellness. How do you describe your sleep? If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, RxRelax presents you with detailed information about the problem of insomnia and extends a full range of solutions.

Health is much more than taking medications to maintain or manage a disease condition. RxRelax health CDs are special gifts for those who may be dependent upon medications and for all who are experiencing stress. RxRelax offers relaxation and may even help manage conditions caused by  stress. 

Special features of this CD set:
- causes and complications of insomnia
- review of commonly prescribed medications, OTCs and alternative treatments
- plethora of sleep facts and tips
- guided revitalizing “power” nap for daytime use
- unique experiential session of deep sleep to play at night

Sleep is not a down time when body and mind shut down their activities. It is an active process when certain physiological processes become more active and certain hormone secretion is boosted. A relaxing sleep helps us in defragging our brain. Many creative ideas manifest when we are in a deeply relaxed state. A good night’s sleep is required to improve our memory and learning. It also gives an opportunity to all of the body systems to restore to peak efficiency.

Disc 1 of CD:
- 8 main causes of insomnia
- 4 main consequences of insomnia
- most common prescription and over-the counter medicines for insomnia
- discussion of side effects, efficacy and safety of long-term insomnia medicine use
- 12 natural ways to sleep better
- best researched herbal remedies
- complementary and alternative practices that enhance relaxation and sleep
- short guided power nap that can be played during the day

Disc 2 of CD:
Experiential session to play at night that guides you into a deeply relaxed state before you fall sleep. All you need to do is lie down and listen to this CD. You may also find it helpful for stress reduction.

Heartfelt thanks to Kevin Federico of TY Recording Studios in Milford, NH.  Kevin’s talent, sweet personality and generous spirit made this CD possible. Please visit
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