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Yoga for Your Nose:
- can be benficial for upper respiratory concerns like sinusitis, allergies, post nasal drip, etc. 
- can improve sensitivity of olfactory nerves, which can benefit systems throughout the body
- can have benefit for the eyes
- may help with better sleeping and less snoring
- may help manage/reduce headaches
- helps produce better vocalization/singing by clearing excess mucus
- helps in calming the mind, which can enhance breathing, meditation and inner awakening    
as it impacts the ajna chakra (the 3rd eye).

This class includes a demonstration by the instructor and participants will have the opportunity to enroll in Neti 2: Establishing your Own Neti Practice if they would like to experience the technique under our guidance and support.

Please bring a hand towel and your enthusiasm for this workshop :)

This is easy to learn, easy to do and can have immediate benefits when following proper procedure!

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Yoga for Your Nose ®
Yoga for Your Nose, or Jal Neti, is a simple, yet very powerful introduction to an ancient yogic cleansing exercise of the nasal passages.

Are you one of the many people who find that your nasal passages tend to get clogged up as a result of the effects of pollution, dust, pollen and other allergens? If so, you may find this SIMPLE yogic technique for the nose of invaluable benefit to you!  As the workshop will present, it is backed by solid research conducted by the medical community and published in scientific journals.
Jal Neti
YogaCaps, Inc.
Yoga for Your Nose ®
Breathe  better...

"My Jal Neti experience has been one of the best things that's happened to me. I really feel that you both have transformed my life! I feel so much bettersince I've been practicing -- and I have done it faithfully every morning since I saw you. I haven't yet had one of my migraines, though I've been in situations that have traditionally caused me to get a migraine. So thank you so much -- it was a fantastic workshop."
    ~ L.L., Massachusetts, USA
"I LOVE my Neti Pot! It seems to have already relieved some of my chronically running nose, and perhaps with time will do even more. Thank you so much Terry. You and Ajay were so kind & empathetic - you made it very easy to learn. All best, thanks again."                                                                                     
~ P.W., Zurich, Switzerland
“People with chronic sinus conditions should use a nasal wash daily, as it promotes drainage of the sinuses and speeds healing of inflamed tissues . . . device for this purpose is called a neti pot" - from Dr. Andrew Weil's "Self Healing" newsletter