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Kriyas are ancient and natural cleansing processes. The immediate focus of these processes is the body, but, of course they act to purify or lift the veils covering the mind and spirit as well.  Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD writes that "purification has to do with removing the obstacles to clarity, of getting back to one's true self." (Crossing to Avalon, page 262).  That's how the kriyas serve as preparation for something deeper.

Kriyas are one of several personal disciplines (shaucha) described by Patanjali (sutras II:40-41) that lead to purification of the senses and the mind for higher purposes. In addition to the kriyas listed below, perhaps the best cleansing/purification comes from the practice of bhakti yoga.

YogaCaps believes that the kriyas are an important practice for all of us. They are an integral part of the practice of yoga and an essential part of living in harmony with nature. In fact, kriyas are even more important today than when the yogi's practiced them many thousands of years ago since most of us live, work and breathe in a world that is far from pristine. Our often hectic lives include regular intake of myriads of chemicals, pollutants and other toxins that may overtax the systems of our miraculous bodies. This is not even mentioning the many potential attacks on our spirit during the course of one day and our own potentially harmful thoughts. All this leads to dis-ease, and eventually disease. These cleansing processes refresh and re-set the body's systems. They also re-fresh and re-set our mind and spirit in incredible ways, preparing us for higher states of consciousness and enlightenment. 

Most of the workshops are interactive information sessions with a demonstration component. The follow up to the workshop (either immediately after the information session or scheduled at your convenience) offers you an opportunity to try the techniques under guidance. It is very important that kriyas be practiced properly; therefore our workshops will also advise you about the cautions as well as ensure that you demonstrate proper technique. The more advanced kriyas may not be for everyone and we will talk more about this with those who have interest.

The components of our YogaKriya Workshop Series are listed below.  At this time, our major focus is on the Neti practices which derive their power from a combination of the use of two of the five elements: water and salt (earth). "Yoga for Your Nose", aka Introduction to Jal Neti is a basic kriya with clinically researched benefits for upper respiratory symptoms and for meditation. It is easy to learn and easy to do. CLICK FOR COURSE DESCRIPTION.

Please contact us at if you have interest in some of the other kriya workshops:

I.  Neti
  a) Neti 1 = Introduction to Jal Neti   CLICK FOR COURSE DESCRIPTION

  b) Neti 2 = Establishing your own Jal Neti Practice. Some 1:1 instruction. Pre-requisite Neti 1.
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  c) Neti 3 = Introduction to Sutra Neti      CONTACT US FOR SCHEDULE!

  d) Neti 4 = Opening to the Potential of Breath: Expanding your Neti Practice through   
                  Integration of a Rubber Neti
. Prerequisite is Neti 3. 1:1 instruction. 
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  f) Neti 5 = Living in the Light of Clear Breath: Deepening your Neti Practices through
                 Integration of a Sutra Neti
. Prerequisite is Neti 4. 1:1 instruction.
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II.    Dhauti
III.   Basti
IV.   Tratak
V.     Nauli
VI.   Bhastrika

Besides these shat-karmas, we also share the practices of shankh prakshalan, yogic bath and fasting so as to enhance cleansing.

YogaKriya Teacher Training Certification. Please contact us for details.