NH Yoga for Peace
October 13, 2012
Nashua Community College, 505 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH
8:00-8:05 a.m. Welcome to the 5th Annual Yoga for Peace day of community and wellness!

Online registration is now closed! Walk-in registration opens on-site at 7:30 a.m. on event day, Saturday 10/13/12, in the NCC Wellness Center at 505 Amherst Street in Nashua, NH at 7:30 a.m.

What about lunch?
Be sure to save a space of time for LUNCH (between 10:30a-2:30p) and also visits to the WELLNESS LOUNGE for FREE samples, treatments, coupons, raffles, etc!
More info about lunch options coming soon!
8:05-8:25 a.m. OPENING CEREMONIES: Letting go & lightening up!
  YOGA FOR YANKEES with Fred Marple
Fred - also known as humorist Ken Sheldon - has appeared on NH Chronicle, in the pages of New Hampshire Magazine, and in the viral Internet hit, "Yoga for Yankees." Fred will lead us through some of the basic Yoga for Yankees moves and bring us up-to-date on happenings in the town of Frost Heaves. You can catch more of his nonsense at frostheaves.com.

Fred Marple is the self-appointed spokesman for the mythical town of Frost Heaves, "the most under-appreciated town in New Hampshire." Fred is a graduate of the Frost Heaves Academy and the East Coast School of Knife Sharpening and Carburetor Repair. Lately, he's been on a one-man campaign to put Frost Heaves back on the map, since as the town’s motto goes "You can’t get there from here."

8:25-8:45 a.m. OPENING CEREMONIES: Preparing for the day with gong bath
  GONG BATH with Dharam Singh, Dhyanbir Kaur, Margrit Mikulis, Missy Dabilis, Ramjeet Singh, Reverend Damanjeet Kaur, Siri Bani Kaur, Susan Quaglia Brown and Vicki DellaSperanza  (click here for more information)

The gong is a tool for cleansing and deep healing.  Today, we are blessed to begin our time together with the spiritual cleansing of a GONG BATH. We have many GONGS of different sizes and shapes, and of different vibrational frequencies, and, many yogis playing these GONGS to create the beginnings of TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING that will continue throughout the day. Through this practice, we will begin as many BEINGS coming together as ONE to LIVE IN THE FLOW OF LOVE AND PEACE, all through the scientific healing technology of YOGA. We are all ONE… ONE in LOVE and COMPASSION for ALL.
Experience yoga as practiced by the yogis in Himalayas. After months of seated meditation in caves, yogis will warm-up and rejuvenate their bodies with this unique sequence. This will be a special treat for everybody before we transition into mat-based yoga classes, kirtan and/or meditation. It is very easy to do and extremely powerful on the subtle levels! Beginners will find SYR simple and rejuvenating as it is practiced standing or while seated on a chair.  More experienced yoga practitioners use this powerful combination of Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama, Pratayahar and Dharana to deepen their training.

Jay Gupta, RPh, MScIM, MTM Specialist, RYT co-founded YogaCaps, Inc. with his wife Terry to help serve humanity by sharing healthy lifestyle practices.  Jay began his study of yoga in India in 1983 and has been exploring the depths of yoga since then. Throughout his life, he has endeavored to achieve a scientific understanding of yoga and has traveled around the globe learning and sharing.  Jay shares some of the practices from the Himalayan masters in his DVD Subtle Yoga for Rejuvenation and donates all the proceeds. He is also the co-founder of RxRelax. His audio CD "Prescription for Restful Sleep" has brought relief to many with insomnia.  As a yoga therapist he specializes in treatment of chronic physical and mental health conditions. He also serves as a community pharmacist. 
  JAY MICHAELS will provide lovely live Harp music for Jay Gupta's class and throughout lunch in the cafe.
Jay Michaels is a talented and well respected performer of Harp Music. He plays both the Traditional Gaelic Wire-Strung Harp (Cláirseach) and the Nylon-Strung Folk Harp. He specializes in Early Music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras, and Ancient Celtic Airs and Ballads. He has also arranged modern Music for the Harp by artist such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Sting. Jay Michaels currently performs as a Soloist, and with his wife Abby as the duo The Harper and The Minstrel. Jay has been featured at venues throughout New England, and has performed in many other parts of the country including Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Florida, Arizona and California. Jay has been composing and recording music since the early 90's. He has many instrumental pieces licensed to film/TV libraries. His Music has appeared on several Television programs including the NBC series "Parenthood", Fox's "Lie To Me" and the HBO Series "Hung". He has also recorded and produced music for a Childrens' IPhone App. Jays fluid style and passionate playing have earned him praise from both audiences and fellow musicians alike.  In addition to recording eight CD's with The Harper and The Minstrel, Jay has recorded a Solo Celtic Harp CD Something the Elf Said, and has released a New Age Harp album Opening The Harp Chakra. He is planning to release a new Harp CD in 2012 Featuring Early Music.

10:00 -10:45 a.m. Click here to view the kirtan artists sharing Bhakti Yoga from 10:00 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.
An introductory guided class to the systematic sequence of movements, breath and postures that comprise the ashtanga yoga system of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Moderately challenging.

Robert Moses spent over 20 years with his teacher Swami Vishnu-devananda and then settled with his wife in Dublin, NH to raise three children. He continues his sadhana practicing a synthesis of bhakti, karma, jnana and raja yoga as outlined by Swami Sivananda. Both he and his wife practice and teach ashtanga yoga according to the principles of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He also publishes a magazine, Namarupa and annually guides people on spiritual pilgrimages to India.
  Session full! PEACEFUL KRIPALU YOGA with Missy Dabilis
"Kripalu" means compassion and compassionate awareness begins in our own hearts. Experience a gentle, self-nurturing practice that will lengthen and strengthen the body, quiet the mind and calm the nervous system.

Over the years, Missy Dabilis’ passion for practicing yoga has evolved into a passion for teaching yoga. Through the experience of living her yoga she shares what she has learned about releasing stress and tension in the physical body, practicing compassionate self-acceptance, calming the thinking mind and moving into a state of stillness. It is here that we become the witness; reconnecting to ourselves, opening to possibility and choosing to live in the present moment. Missy is a life-long learner and a certified Kripalu, Kundalini and Prenatal Yoga teacher. She is a practicing birth doula and hypnotherapist. Missy is the Founder of Open Space Yoga in Nashua.
  Session full! PRANAYAMA with John Featherstone CYT, MYEd
In this session we will examine the basics of the Yoga way of breathing known as Pranayama and will practice several of the basic, but important types of practices. We will also review the basic benefits as they affect the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Yogiraj John Featherstone C.Y.T, M.Y.Ed. began the pursuit of spirituality in Swami Muktananda's Ashrams 33 years ago. Practicing Yoga began 29 years ago and teaching Yoga for rejuvenation, health maintenance and stress reduction began 17 years ago. He studied and practiced for 24 years with his Guru and Yoga teacher Dr. V.S. Rao, founder of High-Tech Yoga where he earned a Master’s degree in Yoga education and was given the honorific title of Yogiraj. He additionally studied with Brahmananda Saraswati, founder of Ananda Ashram, Swami Satchidananda of Satchidananda Ashram, Vyaas Houston for Sanskrit studies and Pandit Rajmani of the Himalayan Institute. He was co-founder of the Yoga teacher-training program at FrogPond Yoga Centre and was a founding member of MassYoga Network. John presently teaches Yoga for rejuvenation and maintenance of physical and mental health. His teachings are based on Patanjali’s Yoga as taught in The Yoga Sutra.  yogirajjohn.blogspot.com
Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word meaning “flow”. Nyasa denotes "to place" and vi denotes "in a special way." Through Vinyasa yoga, we link our movements to our breath. This class will use uplifting music to sequence you through both traditional and variations of Sun Salutation sequences designed to build strength and balance. Prepare to energize the chakras and leave feeling strong, energized and refreshed!

Brandy Hill is the owner and primary instructor at Banyan Tree Yoga in Nashua. She has been a yoga practitioner since 2001 and was immediately drawn to the physical and spiritual peace and balance attained through her practice. Brandy received her 200-hour RYT from Frog Pond Yoga Centre and has practiced under some of the leaders in the industry. She has studied many styles of yoga ranging from Prenatal to Ashtanga and brings a unique blend of these to her classes. When not practicing yoga, Brandy spends time with her husband, their two young boys and family dog.
Enjoy some peaceful time to breath, stretch, and let go of worriers.  We will practice simple yoga poses, deep breathing, and visualization.  A variety of mandala drawings will be provided to help us focus and unwind.  We will also try group mandala shapes and spend some time resting in a guided relaxation.  Feel how comfortable and fun yoga can be!  Parents, please accompany your young children; older children and teens may attend without parents present.

Michelle Wilson values the healing qualities of yoga and enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities including children, families, and students with special needs.  Michelle offers custom yoga and creative dance programs through Yoga with Michelle and teaches regularly at Moving Spirit.  She is trained in Kripalu Yoga and Creative Kids Yoga.  When she is not teaching yoga, she can be found leading challenge course programs for Project Adventure.
  Session full! SOUND BATH with Bindy Johnson
Bindy has intuitive gifts that bring peace and healing to the mind, body and soul. She works with people to help them live the lives they truly desire.  The space she holds is full of love, compassion, empowerment and unity. Through the beautiful sounds of 16 alchemy crystal singing bowls infused with metals, minerals and gemstones including Laughing Buddha, Indigo, Carnelian, Aqua Gold, Mother of Platinum, Sedona Redrock, Androgynous Indium, Ocean Gold, Tanzanite, Kyanite, Smokey Quartz, Selenite, Moldavite, Phenocite and Ruby, ancient antique Tibetan & Indian bowls, planetary new moon gong and other harmonious percussion instruments. Bindy leads you on a shamanic soul sound journey to other worlds and deep spiritual levels with the tones that will connect you to your chakras, your guides and to the Divine.  Join in with these ancient vibrations, open you hearts and expand. The gifts are as endless and abundant as we desire them to be.

Bindy Johnson began her spiritual journey at a young age when her mother shared ancient Persian medicine with her and taught her hypnosis and meditation to release pain or heavy energy within her body. For the past 17 years she has been helping people live healthier lives through full body and spirit wellness.   She is a Magnified Healer, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Energy & Sound Healer. Bindy is also a mother which in itself has brought endless gifts in lessons and happiness. Her journeys have left her with a deep appreciation for life, culture and the beauty of just being. Visit her at Bindy.org
  Session full! WALKING THE LABYRINTH FOR PEACE with Barb Ducharme and Mia Corinha
Experience a peaceful and meditative Labyrinth Walk on our beautiful Santa Rosa canvas Labyrinth after a brief introduction the Labyrinth by Mia Corinha & Barb Ducharme of Labyrinth Alchemy.

Barb Ducharme (on left) began working with labyrinths in the late 1990’s and has built temporary and permanent labyrinths in a wide variety of materials and environments. She has designed and led workshops for conferences of the Parliament of the World's Religions, The Labyrinth Society and the Labyrinth Guild of New England, and has brought and taught about the labyrinth in corporate, health care, and religious settings. Barb has hosted countless public labyrinth walks, and has led labyrinth tours in New England and abroad. In addition to her BA in psychology from Clark University, Barb holds an MBA from Simmons College and an EdM from Harvard University.

Mia Corinha (on right) first learned about Labyrinths from the well-known geomancer Sig Lonegren in the mid 1980s. Mia holds multiple advanced certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Language & Behavior Profiling, hypnosis, and life/work coaching and has a particular interest in combining these helping tools to design meaningful Labyrinth experiences. Mia is a past director of the Labyrinth Guild of New England and holds a BA in Theatre Art and English from Clark University (where she met Barb). She has led experiential labyrinth workshops for the Guild, the Labyrinth Society, and other venues in the US and abroad. She lives in Nahant, MA with her husband, 2 cats, and a Labyrinth in the back yard.
11:00 a.m. - 11:45 p.m. Click here to view the kirtan artists sharing Bhakti Yoga from 10:00 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.
  Session full! RELAX, RELEASE AND REVIVE WITH KUNDALINI YOGA with Siri Bani Kaur, Gurusangat Singh and Dharam Singh
Shed the weight of unconscious stress and experience the rich stillness of your true self.

In our fast paced lives, we need a simple way to reset ourselves and draw on that limitless reservoir of healing and vitality that is our birthright. This class will use the dynamic movements and breathing of Kundalini Yoga to release old patterns and reconnect with deep peacefulness. We will lift our hearts up and create new positive patterns with live mantra music, and enter into deep relaxation through the healing sounds of the gong.

Dharam Singh brings a unique and earthy perspective to the Kundalini Yoga community that is inspired by broad exposure to Native American Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism and Reichian Body-centered Therapy. His lifelong passion for the transformative power of sound and music has found a place in the use of the Gong as a tool for deep healing since '86. Dharam is a long time student of Yogi Bhajan and a resident of Guru Ram Das Ashram where he is the go-to guy for anything related to Gong, including buying one -
www.gongsongs.com. He is part of the 'threesome' that leads the monthly Full Moon Gong event in Millis. He also teaches every Thursday evening in Cambridge at Kundalini Yoga Boston.

Siri Bani Kaur is Co-Owner of Kundalini Yoga Boston, and a certified K.R.I. Kundalini Yoga Instructor, certified Level 2 Radiant Child Yoga Instructor, certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, and has been practicing many styles (Kundalini, Power, Flow, Bikram, Ashtanga) of yoga for over 14 years. She facilitates health and wellness, art and yoga, and mindfulness programs and workshop and trainings for teachers, parents, children, and adults. She has experience in the healing practice of Sat Nam Rasayan®. She is also an artist and art instructor and is the co-founder of the Inman Square Gallery.

Gurusangat Singh is a Mantra/ Kirtan recording artist, producer of the popular "miracle mantra " series, and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. He has been developing music for Kundalini meditation and specific yoga techniques since 2004 and currently teaches and performs at Kundalini Yoga at Kundalini Yoga Boston. Gurusangat is also a member of the amazing GuruGanesha Band! His background in jazz performance, composition, and music instruction allow him to fully engage the dynamic rhythms and subtle nuances present in mantra meditation techniques, and in Kundalini yoga. He leads chanting and still performs jazz regularly in the Boston area, while maintaining an active teaching schedule at his Cambridge music studio. Visit Gurusangat Singh on the web at www.gurusangatsingh.com.
  Session full! STRUCTURAL YOGA: JOINT FREEING SEQUENCE with Mangala Warner
The Joint Freeing Series (JFS) is a pranic practice that is used in Structural Yoga Therapy to evaluate Range of Motion and see where there will be strain in asana. The JFS is a valuable tool to learn experiental anatomy. When combined with Ujjayi breathing it becomes a deeply relaxing, vata balancing practice. Daily practice of this simple 45 minute practice can relieve pain and leave you feeling peaceful and rested! A profound therapy tool!

Mangala Warner is a devote of Swami Satchidananda and lived in "Yogaville", VA for many years. She has been assisting Mukunda Stiles, the founder of Structural Yoga Therapy (SYT) for the past 10 years. Mangala is a Senior SYT teacher and currently trains teachers and therapists. Being steeped in spiritual practice as well as possessing a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology makes her uniquely qualifyed to present this material. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT-500 and has a registed 200-hour SY Teacher Training program.
Connect with spirit, open your heart and quiet your mind, all while your body is in motion. Through breath, movement and longer held postures, we’ll explore the dynamic balance of strength and flexibility. We’ll learn to connect more deeply and authentically to ourselves, to the Divine and the world around us. Come experience the joy of trying fun postures, the aliveness of taking a leap of faith and the magic of choosing love over fear! In this class - serenity, strength and spirit become one!

Karen Kenney is the owner of Quest Yoga in Concord, NH. She’s been a full time yoga teacher since 2001. Karen’s teaching style is warm, down to earth and playful. She combines devotion to the Divine with a wicked sense of humor. Her classes are inspired by: Teach Only Love – For That is What You Are. She’s passionate about encouraging students to play, be curious and to choose love over fear. Through her guidance of courage, kindness, possibility and faith, she encourages students to celebrate their strength and to honor the teacher that resides within their own heart.
Ayurveda is a comprehensive holistic healthcare system dating back to about 5000 years. It is native to the Indian sub-continent and is an integral part of the rich Vedic heritage. Ayurveda is an art of daily living that has evolved from deep philosophical, spiritual and practical insights which have been perfected over centuries of practice and wisdom. Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through diet and lifestyle, proper cooking methods, yoga and meditation practices, proper exercise, nutrition as well as cleansing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies. This session will introduce some key concepts in Ayurveda.

Dr. Pratibha Shah holds a Post Graduate degree in Ayurveda and has been practicing Ayurveda for more than 20 yrs. She conducts and speaks at events all year round. She also writes health columns and articles for different magazines and newspapers, and serves on the Editorial Board of a leading Ayurveda journal. Presently, she is on the executive body of several National and International Ayurvedic organizations and is working towards promotion, propagation as well as integration of Ayurveda with mainstream medicine, globally. She also recently completed Masters in Public Health, International Health, from Boston University School of Public Health.
  EXPERIENCING PEACE THROUGH RAJAYOGA MEDITATION with Brahma Kumaris                                                                           Supriya Kopparthi and Gloria Rodriguez will explain the concepts of Raja Yoga Meditation. Then, we will allow ourselves to enter the stillness of a beautiful sanctuary space and experience a guided meditation which will lead us into a place inside of stillness and peace. Meditation calms and focuses the mind and allows us to tap into the potential for deep peace that heals the whole being. Join us on this inner journey.

Brahma Kumaris Learning Center for Peace is the local branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization (BKWSO). Managed entirely through a network of volunteers from all sections of the community, the BKWSO works internationally to promote peace and positive change in society.
  Session full! MASALA BHANGRA WORKOUT with Dani-Jean Stuart
"Masala" means "spicy" in Hindi, bhangra is a folk dance from the northern part of India. This fun fusion of bhangra and Bollywood is an exciting dance fitness blend of high energy bhangra beats, hot Bollywood style, and the most fun you've ever had in a workout! No dance experience is required and all fitness levels are welcome. Come rock it out Masala Bhangra style! You're gonna sweat...and you're gonna LOVE it!

Dani-Jean Stuart
is NH's first Masala Bhangra Ambassador with a lifelong love of dance and cultural dance forms. Teaching Masala Bhangra Workout for over a year, she's been a student of yoga for nearly 40 years. She put her love of dance and yoga together as a Let Your Yoga Dance (formerly Kripalu DansKinetics) teacher nearly a decade ago. Now a member of the "half century club" she's taking it to the next level -- keeping active and staying fit into her 50's and beyond teaching Masala Bhangra Workout!
Enjoy this combination mat/chair class to accommodate everyone, no matter what your past yoga experience may be. Modifications on the mat and/or the chair will make this an inspiring class as we experience the oneness we share in our practice despite the fact that we're all on a different physical path. The meditative flow will transcend all of us as we simply move and breathe together.

Ginny Jackson has over thirty years of experience working in the field of health and wellness. She has run wellness programs in Vermont and South Carolina and is very well known in this area with regards to yoga and Somatics (a specific form of movement re-education). Ginny holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and a licensed massage therapist. Her overall goal is to help each person reach and achieve their individual movement potential.  For more information visit www.ginnyjackson.com.
12:00 -12:45 p.m. Click here to view the kirtan artists sharing Bhakti Yoga from 10:00 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.
  PARTNER YOGA with Maureen Spencer
Partner Yoga is the union of two energy fields in yoga poses.  As a result of combined auric fields there is a significant increase in balance, coordination and strength.  It allows participants to experience postures they may not be able to do alone. It is an exhilarating experience that leaves one feeling powerful, focused and released.  Partner postures include standing poses, balances, seated poses, prone and simple inversions. Join Maureen Spencer, RN in this fun interactive class that will release heat in the tissues, stagnation in organs and stuck thoughts in the mind.  You will love the stimulating music that will work the chakras as you do the poses!

Maureen Spencer, M.Ed., R.N. is the Founder of Finding Inner Peace Yoga School and Integrative Medicine Program. She is recognized as an Advanced Registered Yoga Teacher with the National Yoga Alliance and has completed yoga studies with the American Yoga College, International Yoga Studies, Integrative Yoga Therapy and Meridian Hatha Yoga Therapy. Maureen initiated a private energy medicine practice in 1993 after training in Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, Ear Candling, Magnified Healing and Reiki Master/Teacher. In 1997 she became certified in Vibroacoustic Sound Healing and completed training as a Clinical Aromatherapist in 2003. Her practice is currently closed to new clients.  She taught nurses, physicians and therapists Reiki Energy Healing at the New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, MA. Maureen was a founding member of the hospital's Council on Integrative Medicine and developed a Reiki policy for the Patient Care Services. Maureen started practicing yoga when she was 15. By the time she was 17 in nursing school, she started teaching her classmates yoga. It has been a passion of hers all her life. In 1996, she started the Finding Inner Peace Yoga Teacher Certification and has been training yoga teachers since then. She sees yoga as her calling in life and is committed to continuing the practice and training for other yoga enthusiasts. In 2011, she developed the Yoga School Kit to teach qualified yoga teachers how to set up an affiliate location.
Immerse into this talk and practices that are based upon Baba Ramdev's Pran YOGA and Structured Pranayam Practices based upon sVYASA.org, Pranic Healing and Bhagavat Gita.  Sudhir will share what he practices on regular basis and will also talk about how to heal through Pranayam and reach Samadhi!  Pranayam ke dvara, Vyaadhi se Samadhi tak ki yatra!!!  OM Shantih OM!  OM Peace OM!

Sudhir Parikh has been teaching YOGA since 1990.  A senior and respected teacher, his training includes a host of popular YOGA disciplines such as Baba Ramdev, VYASA of Banglore (India), Brahmananda, Shivananda, Vinyasa, SSY, Art of Living, Kriya YOGA, High Tech YOGA, Advance Meditation Practices of sVYASA and Pranic Healing Schools.  
Are you too busy in “… the pursuit of happiness?” Well, you are not alone!  According to Vedanta the motive behind all human actions is the pursuit of happiness. So, what you think are the impediments to your happiness? Would it be helpful if you knew the “Laws of Happiness?”
Take note of this first law: “All beings exist at different levels of consciousness and for every level of consciousness there is a definite and fixed degree of happiness.” To discover the rest, please join the fellow seekers of happiness. You will be happy that you did :)

Sanjay Saxena runs a spiritual ministry (www.Gayatri.info) in Vedic-tradition with his wife Sangeeta, in the Greater Boston area. Both organize several spiritual celebrations at local temples. They are volunteers for All WorldGayatri Pariwar, a mission committed to bringing about "Thought Revolution" and transformation of consciousness for the bright future of humanity. They also make house calls to perform Puja/Yagya/Sanskars/Katha/Bhajan-Kirtans. Sanjay is a motivational speaker and life  coach. He serve at BU, MIT, and TUFTS to help students celebrate spiritual events in their campus context. He is the CEO of Dev Sanskriti University Foundation. By profession he is a Database Consultant working for EMD Millipore.
  Session full! MOVING FROM WITHIN with Sandy Bothmer
Move from your heart. Move from your breath. Move from within with HeartBreath™. Join Sandy Bothmer as she guides you in an organic expression of your spirit self. You will tune into where you are energetically, warm-up your physical body, quiet your body/mind with the breath, connect to your heart space, then move from within through HeartBreath™. This process may become a part of your personal practice. Come ready to move. Bring a water bottle, journal, shawl or wrap, yoga mat, and a desire to connect to and express your inner self for improved well-being.

Sandy Bothmer has practiced yoga for fifteen years and has reaped its many benefits.  She enjoys sharing, and guiding others along their own healing path through teaching adult yoga at Moving Spirit in Merrimack, NH and Creative Kids Yoga® in the Nashua area.  She has an M.Ed. from Lesley University and is a former classroom teacher with 20 years experience.  She is a Kripalu yoga teacher, Creative Kids Yoga® teacher, the author of Creating the Peaceable Classroom: A 21st Century Wellness Guide for Teachers, Students, and presents Peaceable Classroom and Peaceable Parents workshops. Sandy has a private practice in energy medicine working with adults and children, some on the autistic spectrum, anxiety issues, and ADHD. She is about to begin her training in the 500 hour Integrative Yoga Therapy program with Joseph Le Page.  Passionate is the best word to describe her interest in helping others find inner peace through her Moving From Within workshops where movement, asanas, and pranayama merge into an authentic expression of self.
  DIVINE ANATOMY FLOW with Victoria Haffer
A fun and educational journey of the human body with a focus on core strengthening, postural awareness and linking movement to breath.  All levels welcome.

Victoria Haffer holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology with over 30 years of experience in the Holistic field.  As an International Wellness Presenter, she has certified many Fitness Professionals and Yoga Teachers. She is a ERYT 500 hour certified yoga teacher through Kripalu, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a Postural Movement Specialist through  Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers 200 hr program a Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist,  Hypnotherapist, and a Pilates Instructor. Victoria has trained with many great Yoga teachers such as Gurmuch, Shiva Rea, Paul Grilley, Gary Kraftsow, Eric Shiffman and many styles including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kripalu and Prana Flow. Victoria currently focuses her energy as the Director of The Baba Siri Chand Yoga Center in Millis, Ma where she combines her many skills to facilitate healing and empowerment with clients and students.  She is also available for workshops, consulting and private sessions. To contact Victoria directly please e-mail DivinePrincessofLight@gmail.com.
  CHAIR YOGA with Jessica Lang Wright
Chair Yoga incorporates the use of a chair into the practice that the student uses to support them so they may receive the very same benefits as mat yoga without the stress and strain of getting down to or up from the floor. Meditation, breath work and chanting are incorporated, just like a regular mat yoga class. Chair yoga can help you feel better and regain strength and flexibility. Jessica specifically uses the methods learned in Laskshmi Voelker Chair Yoga certification to help students gain all the benefits of yoga from a comfortable seat. Chair yoga is for every body! Please join us!

Jessica M. Lang Wright, RYT200, Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga teacher. Jessica incorporates her varied background into her classes which include pranayama, chanting with the accompaniment of the harmonium, meditation, and a flowing asana practice with careful attention to alignment of the body in each of the poses. She was inspired by a personal illness to become certified in chair yoga as a way to allow people that might not be able to take a mat class to experience everything that yoga has to offer. Jessica is the owner of Forever Yoga in Wilton, NH.
  Session full! NIA TECHNIQUE with Laura Selmer
The Nia Technique is a Holistic based movement class that combines movements and concepts from the Dance Arts, Martial Arts, and Healing Arts. Nia is a dynamic movement and transformational lifestyle practice with opportunity to move and play, to express and explore, get fit, and to personally develop by making a deeper, and richer connection to the body. Nia teaches people of all lifestyles and abilities to explore movement guided by the Sensation of Pleasure, vs No Pain- No Gain and allows participants to move towards their personal health and well being goals as well as achieving stability, mobility, balance, strength, agility, and cardio benefits.

Laura Selmer is a lifelong lover of dance and licensed Nia Instructor since 2007. Residing in Rindge, NH with husband Jeremy and 3 dogs, she teaches Nia in the Greater Nashua and Monadnock Communities. She is also employed as a Physical Therapist Assistant at Apple Therapy Services-Nashua since 2002, focusing on Orthopedics/Sports Medicine, and Myofascial Release.Through professional and personal experience she is able to explore and teach movement as an expressive means and creative healing tool. She is honored to share Nia with others as a means of self expression, promotion of health, holistic movement/fitness, and community integration.
1:00 - 1:45 p.m. Click here to view the kirtan artists sharing Bhakti Yoga from 10:00 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.
  Session full! RxRelax with Jay Gupta
What is the perfect prescription for inner peace?  RxRelax is a pratyahar practice that leads to inner peace, inner awareness. Come explore the path of this guided, deeply relaxing experience!  In a scientific manner, it releases tension and defrags the unconscious, relaxes and trains the mind, and opens us to higher levels of creativity and capacity.  We'll also work with our Sankalpa, or powerful resolve.

Jay Gupta, RPh, MScIM, MTM Specialist, RYT co-founded YogaCaps, Inc. with his wife Terry to help serve humanity by sharing healthy lifestyle practices.  Jay began his study of yoga in India in 1983 and has been exploring the depths of yoga since then. Throughout his life, he has endeavored to achieve a scientific understanding of yoga and has traveled around the globe learning and sharing.  Jay shares some of the practices from the Himalayan masters in his DVD Subtle Yoga for Rejuvenation and donates all the proceeds. He is also the co-founder of RxRelax. His audio CD "Prescription for Restful Sleep" has brought relief to many with insomnia.  As a yoga therapist he specializes in treatment of chronic physical and mental health conditions. He also serves as a community pharmacist. 
  SUN SALUTATION VINYASA with Elizabeth Vlangas
To honor the traditional 108 sun salutations offered as part of the yoga mala, within our timeframe we will engage in 27 rounds of this warming and purifying practice.  While this will be a challenging session, modifications will be offered and you can rest whenever you feel the need.  Our practice will be dedicated to removing obstacles and recommitting all of our actions to Peace:  peace with in ourselves, peace to our loved ones, peace to people we may be in conflict with, and peace to the world.

Elizabeth Vlangas, 500RYT, is the Director/Owner and primary teacher at Riverflow Yoga in Hooksett, NH.  She has been teaching yoga for 7 years and has won the Hippo Press “Best Yoga Instructor” for the past 3 years.  She teaches a vinyasa, or flowing style of yoga, which links breathe with movement to create strength, flexibility and balance.  Elizabeth infuses all her classes with a sense of joy and fun.   She grew up in Dorchester, MA second to the youngest in a family of eleven which helped shape her sense of humor.
  MEDITATION SAMPLER with Gene Taylor  and Jolene Csakany 
The practice of natural meditation allows us to release ourselves from the 'doing' mind, and enter the 'being' mind. Through this practice, we gradually learn to reconnect with our innate simplicity, joy and wisdom.  Joline will share some gentle breathing and chair movements. Gene will provide instruction and guide a meditation on this practice. Both Beginner and experienced meditators welcomed.

Gene Taylor is meditation practice leader at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge. He is member of the Greater Concord Interfaith Council. As a member of the Interfaith Council he organizes an annual walk for global hunger relief. He is a member of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and a practitioner of engaged Buddhism.

Jolene Csakany has dabbled with yoga on and off for more than 10 years. She was overweight and felt stuck in a downward spiral when a friend introduced her to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. She hated the class at first and could barely keep up, but stuck with it because she liked the teacher who despite the fast pace made sure students listened to their own bodies, taking breaks when needed and reminding that yoga is never about competing with others or ourselves. After a few months she found myself herself looking forward to class, motivated by both physical progress and the moving meditative state the breath work and flow through the asanas creates. Initially, she joined the teacher training course to improve her own practice, but soon felt she had a lot to share with others and loves being able to help people meet whatever goals they hope yoga can help with- whether it be an improved physical state, relaxation and stress management, or deepening a meditative practice.
  Session full! KUNDALINI YOGA with Ramjeet Singh/Romulo Valdez, Jr., Ph.D.
Sat Nam. It's time to ROCK your SOUL with the healing practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Our practice today is designed to “Open the Heart Center”, the 4th Chakra known as ANAHATA.  And, what better place to create PEACE than at the HEART CENTER where LOVE and COMPASSION emanate.  So, please be prepared to unlock the mysteries and power of your own HEART SONG.  Experience the wonderment of your personal devotion of LOVE of SELF, of OTHERS and of THE BELOVED. This will be a beautiful 45 minute excursion of melding your DIVINITY with INFINITY.  Give yourself this gift as we all carry forth our Bodhisattva message of PEACE through our actions of LOVE and COMPASSION for ALL. WE are ALL ONE!

Ramjeet Singh is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  He is also a Licensed Psychologist with his doctorate from Michigan State University and clinical training from the Department of Psychiatry at both Dartmouth and Harvard Medical Schools.  His spiritual practice includes Kundalini Yoga, Buddhist Meditation, Sufism and Kirtan (devotional chanting with MANASAA).  His research interests focus on the effects of Kundalini Yoga as an adjunct treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  This is a collaborative work in conjunction with several other researchers from Harvard Medical School, University of Toronto, Guru Ram Das Center for Medicine and Humanology and Los Angeles. You will experience his love for the process of helping each person find and live their TRUE IDENTITY by attending his Kundalini Yoga classes, spiritual workshops and events as well as Kirtan with MANASAA.  Contact him at: 603-512-4932, rvjrphd@comcast.net . Friend him on facebook under Romy Valdez (Ramjeet Singh).
  RHYTHMIC YOGA FLOW with Doris Grillo
This mini-class of Hatha Yoga is condensed into just 45 minutes of "yummy yoga". We will rhythmically flow through basic and moderate posture sequences, exploring the combined senses of our breath and body through movement-tasting the mind-body connection, flow to our natural rhythms and connect to all parts of our being.

Doris Grillo is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and founder of Hollis Yoga. She has been practicing and sharing traditional yoga for over 25 years. She initially trained with Todd Norian in the Kriplau and Anusara-inspired styles and also completed the Himalayan Institute's 500 hour Advanced Hatha Yoga program in India. She's an energy sensor, Reiki trained by Lourdes Grey in the Usui tradition-with initiation at the sacred Allahabad, India site by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Swami Rama tradition. Doris holds a B.A. in Marketing and Business Studies from the Southern New Hampshire University, and when not working as a Hewlett Packard marketing manager or taking pleasure in her yoga studio and practice, she enjoys a wonderful community of family and friends. doris@hollisyoga.com.
  Session full! MANTRAS OF GANESHA with Gretchen Carmel (Rajeshwari)
We will discuss and chant many powerful Sanskrit mantras of Lord Ganesha (the remover of obstacles through the principal of internal unity). Please join me as we attune to the energies of order and proper rhythm, divine grace, personal power, prosperity and manifestation. All levels are welcome. No experience with yoga or mantra is necessary.

Gretchen Carmel
(Rajeshwari)earned a B.F.A. in Dance Performance from SUNY Purchase in New York. After many years in the professional world of dance, Gretchen became a certified Kripalu and Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher. She also is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and a Traditional/Usui Reiki Master, as well as owner/director of THE YOGA SPACE in Keene N.H. Gretchen has been practicing, studying, and living Yoga since 1993. She brings to her teaching a high level of committment, love for her students, and the joy of mantra, inspired by her teacher Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashley-Farrand). Gretchen is a certified Instructor of Sanskrit Mantra and its application to life problems/situations, as well as, a certified Pujari/Vedic Priest honoring the lineage of Namadeva Acharya and Sanatana Dharma Satsang.
  UNPLUGGED PLAY WITH CREATIVE KID'S YOGA® with Rosemary Todd Clough                                                                                                                             A workshop for children, parents, teachers and health care providers to discover a playful innovative approach for moving yoga off the mat using Yoga Dots®. Learn how to integrate yoga postures and movement concepts, as we explore the many different ways our bodies can creatively move. Yoga and movement help to stimulate healthy brain development and support powerful opportunities for confidence building and balance in body/mind/spirit. Using songs, games and appropriate relaxation techniques, this workshop is experiential and guaranteed to be lots of fun!

Rosemary Todd Clough has been teaching, exploring and creating through yoga and creative dance for over 30 years. A teacher to students of all ages, Rosemary brings a depth of experience and a playful approach to all of her classes and to her teacher training - www.creativekidsyoga.com.  She holds a BS in Early Childhood Education from Tufts University, and a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certification. She is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and a Somatic Experience Therapist, a Stott Pilates Teacher, and an experienced dancer. Rosemary has been on the teaching faculty of colleges, schools and nationally certified Yoga Teacher Training courses and was elected a teaching fellow at Harvard University. She recently completed an Acharya Intensive (master teacher) at the Kripalu Center and was given a Sanskrit name, Laxmidevi. Rosemary is a mother of five and a grandmother.
2:00 - 2:45 p.m. Click here to view the kirtan artists sharing Bhakti Yoga from 10:00 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.
  Session full! CONNECT - RESTORING SOMATIC FUNCTION! with Ginny Jackson
Connect with your body using somatic movements.  These movements focus on full body patterns rather than areas of pain and restriction.  Habitually contracted muscles can release resulting in increased flexibility, coordination, stress release, balance and proprioception. It is the brain that controls the muscles, therefore the best method for long term relief is active improvement of the nervous system. This class will include movements for the jaw, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and ankles. Bring a yoga mat.

Ginny Jackson has over thirty years of experience working in the field of health and wellness. She has run wellness programs in Vermont and South Carolina and is very well known in this area with regards to yoga and Somatics (a specific form of movement re-education). Ginny holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and a licensed massage therapist. Her overall goal is to help each person reach and achieve their individual movement potential.  For more information visit www.ginnyjackson.com.
What is Laughter Yoga? Laughter Meditation? Come to LAUGHANANDA  with Lisa Wessan, aka "The Mirth Maven" and find out....Laughter has now been scientifically proven to have a powerful and uplifting effect on mood, attitude, creativity, resilience and muscle strength plus many more amazing physiological benefits. During LAUGHANANDA, you will experience a relaxing sequence of deep breathing, gentle stretching, Laughter Yoga, Laughter Meditation and Laffirmations. LAUGHANANDA will give your insides a satisfying laugh-induced massage and enhance your journey to a deeper inner peace (no mats needed, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, & bring water).

Lisa Wessan, LICSW, CLYL, CLL, RM, Inspirational Author, Speaker & Counselor, Certified Laughter Yoga and Laughter Meditation instructor. Lisa is the on-air host and producer of the weekly cable television show Z Lighter Side of Transformation. She is also a monthly guest on Thinking Out Loud, a radio and webcast talk show that covers politics and health. Her work has been featured on CNN’s Paula Zahn Now, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, The Boston Globe, The Lowell Sun, Shrink Rap and in many television, print and radio interviews. Visit her web site www.MirthMaven.com for further information.
  VINYASA FLOW with Chelsea Kostek
We will flow through an energetic vinyasa style class with eclectic music to elevate us through the practice.  You will gain, strength, flexibility, and a sense of opening as well as grounding in the body and mind through your practice.

Chelsea Kostek completed the Karuna Yoga Teacher 200 Hour training at 4025 Yoga and Wellness.  She received her Master's Degree in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design where her thesis work was on posture. Chelsea has practiced yoga since 2000 focusing on the styles of ashtanga and vinyasa  practices.  She has practiced with many teachers in Richmond, VA,  Providence, RI, Nashville, TN, and New York, NY.  She has a dance background including ballet, modern dance, jazz, bellydance, and yoga dance. She values the transformative aspects of yoga and feels that everyone can benefit from yoga. Please visit Chrome Yoga on Facebook for more information. Chrome Yoga's mission is to employ the practice yoga to polish the body and the mind.
  ACHIEVING FINANCIAL WELLNESS with Janice Dokla and Jai M. Dev
This session will be led by two experienced finance professionals who can help bring peace of mind to the whole arena of finance. Janice Dokla, from Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU), will give you an overview of DCU, a not-for-profit organization that is all about saving members money and making your banking less costly and less stressful! You’ll find out how to receive your direct deposit up to two days earlier and how to access very competitive loan rates.  Jai Dev, of Ameriprise Financial Services, will help you give voice to your dreams! Find out how you can bring your dreams more within reach, including a more confident retirement. You will receive an Ameriprise Dream Book® guide, to help you explore and envision your retirement. However, the seminar is not directed only to people at the cusp of retirement. Jai Dev will also share a brief introduction to holistic financial planning.

Janice Dokla has an extensive background in the financial services industry with over 25 years of experience. Currently Dokla is a Regional Branch Manager at Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU). In this position, Dokla oversees the following DCU Branches: Nashua, NH; Merrimack, NH; Hudson, NH; Andover, MA; Tyngsboro, MA, Lowell, MA and the Marlborough East Branch in Marlborough, MA. Dokla is also responsible for business development. Previous to joining DCU, Dokla served as Assistant Vice President, Branch Manager for Workers’ Credit Union, Leominster MA (2009-2010), Vice President Business Development and Sales Manager for TD Banknorth, Keene, NH (2001-2009); Vice President Regional Sales Manager for TD Banknorth, Keene, NH (1997-2001); Group Manager for CFX Bank, Jaffrey, NH (1995-1997); Mortgage Originator for Granite Bank, Milford, NH (1994-1995); Branch Manager, First NH Bank (1989 – 1993); and Branch Manager for Derby Savings Bank, Shelton, CT (1989). Dokla is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Dokla has a demonstrated commitment to the community and has been actively involved with organizations including the Lion’s International; the American Heart Association; local and regional Chambers of Commerce, the March of Dimes, the Easter Seals; the Partnership in Education Program; the United Way; and the American Red Cross.

Jai M. Dev is a personal financial advisor, and business financial advisor, who focuses on the financial needs of professionals. He has more than 25 years of experience in finance, having served as the Chief Financial Officer of several corporations including Maha Associates Inc., Wholesale Floral Corp, and World Free Commerce Inc. For the last 5 years he has been building a successful financial planning practice, primarily in the New England area. Jai Dev has a special affinity with the Yoga community by virtue of his ‘Vedic lifestyle’, which he describes as ‘simple living and high thinking.’ His favorite quote and message to the community is this: “The greatest wealth is good character, and is worth more than all the diamonds, gold, and dollars in the world.” Jai M. Dev
  THERAPEUTIC BREATH AND MOVEMENT with Lisa Jones and Kaiilama
Lisa combines movement and guided meditation to create a unique experience, designed to anchor in inner peace and harmony. With a series of body awareness and focus exercises we will reawaken our energy centers, releasing tension and anxiety, and reclaiming inner balance and a sense of purpose.

Lisa Jones has been studying wellness and yoga for more than 35 years. Lisa has taught thousands of students and supported their journeys into the body/mind realm through her breath awareness classes since 1998. She is a graduate of Power of Breath Institute and owner of Nia NH and Yoga.

Kaiilama is a lifetime seeker of freedom! Her interest in a variety of spiritual studies (i.e., Shamanism, Native American spirituality, Byron Katie's "The Work," Esther and Jerry Hicks: "Abraham" teachings, the work of "Kryon", the "Seth Materials," Ruth Montgomery's books) and real life experiences such as a twenty-five year marriage and mothering 3 sons has led her to explore breathwork to receive relief from suffering. Her first breathwork experience was so profound and astounding that 6 months later she began to facilitate others towards the goal of certification. She initially studied with Judy Kravitz of the Transformational Breath Foundation and then completed her training with the Power of Breath Institute to become a Certified Facilitator. Presently, she is an Assistant Trainer of this Institute. Her passion in life is to assist others in finding their way home to a deeper connection and a relaxed freedom of truly loving themselves. In addition, she continues to love and learn from her greatest teachers her 3 sons and her husband.
  Session full! SHAKE YOUR SOUL ~ YogaDance with Vicki DellaSperanza, Lisa Drake and Zsuzsi Gero
Shake Your Soul ~ YogaDance is a revival of Tandava co-created by Dan Leven and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts over 30 years ago. YogaDance classes are a daily ritual at Kripalu to this day. Sacred yoga dance, called Tandava, dates back to the 9th century predating hatha yoga which is the spectacular physical form of modern yoga that is practiced today.  In addition to classic postures, the asanas combine into a repertoire of simple easy movements that form the basis of a Shake Your Soul class. This format enables you to create an explosion of joy by getting out of your head, finding your inner child and letting preconceived notions and judgments melt away.

Victoria (Vicki) DellaSperanza, founder and owner of Twisted Sister Yoga, regularly teaches yoga in various locations in and around the Merrimack Valley, the Berkshires and Southern New Hampshire. Vicki is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, serves as a Faculty Assistant for Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. She is a Usui Reiki Master and has achieved Nidan (second degree black belt) in Uechi Ryu Karate. Vicki’s personal practice and teaching skill focuses on meditation, pranayama and mindful intention. She is known for providing personalized attention, ensuring a safe, nurturing and accessible experience for students of all levels. Vicki’s specialty is gentle to moderate movement, and each class includes a unique repertoire based on the energy of her students.Vicki is certified in Shake Your Soul®: The Yoga of Dance, a unique approach that brings together the mind, body and spirit through playful movement and dance set to lively and uplifting music. Shake Your Soul® moves the spirit and brings clarity to the mind. Vicki is an accomplished fundraising and marketing executive, and an independent consultant to the not-for-profit sector.  She is a graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston.

Lisa Drake is a certified Kripalu Yoga Dance/Shake Your Soul instructor.  Having pursued Shake Your Soul teacher training as a way to explore her love of yoga, dance and music, she is thrilled to be sharing this energizing and joyous form of exercise and mindfulness in New Hampshire.  Outside of her Shake Your Soul teaching endeavors, Lisa is an environmental professional and works in the world of organic food. There is a dancer inside all of us. Come to a Shake Your Soul class and reconnect with yours!

Zsuzsi Gero works as a psychotherapist in downtown Nashua, NH. Her passion and interest in creative expression and healing movement began while studying psychology in Hungary.  Since moving to the USA,  she studied authentic movement, insight improvisation, drama therapy and contact improvisation. It is her personal and professional experience that body mind approaches are essential to emotional health and psychological well-being.  Play, creativity and movement enhance insight and increase integration of new information into the mind, and make life more fun.  Zsuzsi is a certified teacher in "Shake Your Soul Yoga Dance".  She is excited to share this fun, exhilarating and also grounding and healing form of movement.  Shake Your Soul classes bring joy to exercise and make movement accessible to every "body" and all ages, allowing participants to connect with their own movement from deep within and also to find community through guided and free yoga dance.
3:00 - 4:00 p.m. CLOSING CEREMONY

Join us for this very special closing ceremony to bring healing to each us and to all beings, and to send us out to light paths of peace!
  Classical Dance Experiential Presentation, followed by whole group chanting

Themes of the dance:

Lord Shiva - the ultimate Yogi is also Nataraja - the king of actors and the God of Dance. Control of the human body to attain Yoga or Union with the ultimate reality is the goal of different Yogas. Indian classical dance extends the concept to control not just the body but to emotions as well where the actor is trained to play out different kinds of emotions and thus cleanse the soul. Emotions are classified into nine states called the "Navarasa". 

Our presentation opens with the demonstration of the Navarasa  (you will have the opportunity to practice these nine expressions) and uses the concepts developed to present the tale of Markendeya, who is attributed with the dissemination of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, a mantra that helped him defy Yama.  Life is a transient reality and the story of Markendeya shows us the path to move towards union with the permanent reality.

About the Dancer:
Ranjani Saigal is the founder director of the Eastern Rhythms school of dance in Burlington, MA.  She is a master teacher of Bharatanatyam dance, an ancient Indian art form that requires knowledge not just of dance, but music, classic languages, philosophy, poetry, and Indian mythology. Saigal specializes in Abhinaya, the story-telling aspect of this art form. It is through the dancer's creativity and knowledge of the many facets of this dance tradition that a familiar story is presented in a highly individualistic, captivating manner. She has performed extensively in India, the United States, and South Africa and is highly regarded for her creative choreography that uses Indian Classical as a medium to convey interesting tales.

She and her students have won awards from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the National Foundation for the Arts.  She received recognition from Governor Deval Patrick for her contributions to Indian Arts and Heritage and was awarded the INE Woman of the Year title for 2012.

  Waging War While Making Peace

a short inspiration from Linnea Duff



As a whole group, we will then chant the Mahamryitunjaya Mantra 108x to create the internal and external vibrations that bring personal and collective healing, freedom from fear and attachments....and ultimately, freedom to live and serve from our highest essence. This will be a truly perspective shifting within a large group of this size!

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