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YogaCaps, Inc.
YogaCaps, Inc. is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization that builds a healthy and resilient community by sharing seated, therapeutic, yoga experiences that are safe, science-smart, affordable and fun! Yoga encompasses work with the body, the breath and the mind.

In partnership with hospitals and community organizations, we specialize in evidenced-based therapeutic yoga experiences for those with chronic physical and mental health conditions. Our goal is to help people manage and reverse chronic diseases with therapeutic lifestyle change (TLC).  As such, there is great potential for yoga as a transformational tool for affordable health and social justice.

Visit this link to view our 2016 national schedule.  Visit our Yoga Volunteer Corps (YVC) for free yoga classes with special populations and donation-based events in the New-Hampshire area. Our Thriving with Yoga is the largest integrative oncology offering of its kind in New England.   Please feel free to sign up for our e-news.

about our clinical trial for those with cancer who are experiencing sleep difficulties.

Yoga can be as simple as conscious breathing (pranayam), gentle movements to free the body from stress (asan), clearing the mind (pratyahar, dharana, dhyan) and living in harmony (yama/niyama).  The science of yoga attends not only to the physical body, but also the deeper layers of our being including the energy body, emotional body, wisdom body and bliss body.

We believe that yoga is for every body and mind, and aim to make it as easy as taking a capsule... thus our name, YogaCaps.
YogaCaps, Inc.
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Our yoga classes have helped me with my arthritis.
I used to have to need a glove for my hand for arthritis. I had two gloves and I couldnít do without them, plus taking medication. Now, my hands are fine. I can do whatever and I donít use a glove and I donít take any medication.
Yoga has definitely changed my life and I love the helped me a great deal with lowering my blood pressure (I'm off the medication) and it also has helped greatly on those target areas that had been affected during the various surgeries for both the breast cancer and the melanoma.                                                                                                                                                                                            
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I came to class in a lot of pain in my lower back and right leg. I was able to release that pain ...

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